McBride Rehabilitation Group LLC

Our Goals
Our Goals

At McBride Rehabilitation Group, patient care is provided by fully licensed therapists who emphasize individual attention to each patient. Patients can be assured of continuity in their care.

"We take the time to know our patients, determine the problem, and provide appropriate treatment. Our patients appreciate that we focus on their needs and try our best to help them." - Blake McBride, P.T.

Our aim is to provide superior physical therapy.

We work with other health professionals to ensure our patients are receiving the best possible medical care available. We work with your physician, orthopaedist, podiatrist, surgeon, chiropractor, etc.

We strive to help our patient achieve correction of a painful condition or a lessening of the severity of the condition, rather than relying upon the use of medications to relieve the pain from the underlying condition.

We work to increase our patient’s independence to perform the activities of daily living, self care skills, and job duties through methods and activities that increase the joint’s range of motion and strength, decrease pain, and reduce the frequency of sleep disturbances caused by pain.

We work to assist our patients in their recovery from surgery and injuries, and in their rehabilitation following heart attacks and strokes.

We help provide wellness and fitness education to our patients.

We work with athletes to prevent or treat sports injuries.

We perform conservative, appropriate treatments for our patient’s conditions.